Faxless paycheck advance in Denver, CO

The only difference between a faxless Denver paycheck advance (payday loan) and a standard payday loan is that single moment in the application where you either fax over additional info. or you don’t. What additional information you ask?

  • A photocopied ID
  • A recent pay stub.

Thats it. Thats all the additional information you have to fax over in a standard paycheck advance. Its not much, but apparently its enough to freak out a whole nation of cash-desperate fools into applying for a loan they just don’t understand and don’t prepare for.

A faxless paycheck advance lacks more than the fax

Its not just the fax thats missing from a faxless paycheck advance, although so far as benefits go that absence of a fax (by phone) is a good thing. But the other missing components of your paycheck cash advance application provide more than enough to worry about:

  • Your ID and pay stubs are important, letting the lender know you are who you say you are and you make what you say you make – otherwise someone making $300 every two weeks could apply for a $1500 advance and be up the hell creek without a paddle, or even a boat.
  • It sounds silly, but the additional time you take in finding the fax machine, sending over your information and waiting for their approval of your completed application is valuable time indeed. You can carefully plan out your expenses, and even start thinking about the repayment of those paycheck advances.

Thats not to say your lender goes without verification if they offer a faxless paycheck advance. Instead of pay stubs and an ID, they’ll simply give your employer a call to make the verification. Is that what you want? Your boss getting a\ call at three in the afternoon from some lender who wants to know how much you make?


Yet you still need money ASAP, and a faxless paycheck advance will get you that money with as little fuss as is possible. Not everyone has easy access to a fax machine, and some people might not be able to afford faxing over additional documentation. So the faxless paycheck advance is there just in case you absolutely need it. Return to the same lender on repeat occasions for the same services at the same price? Great! You definitely should have access to a faxless paycheck advance. But only because your lender knows you are capable of completely a timely repayment, and because you already know what to expect form your loan.